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Cooling Tower Parts

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Amarillo, Sumitomo and most major brands, all sizes and ratios.

USA Exclusive Supplier of Rudder Bearing Grease

Rudder Bearing Grease (EAL) / EU Ecolabel registration number : DE/027/138


Tectyl G OS 550 Eco is thoroughly verified Rudder Bearing Grease. This product is globally used domestics and overseas for Rudder Bearings.

Tectyl G OS 550 Eco is globally only-product that has NLGI 2 level among Rudder Bearing Grease and has very environmental friendly product, having EU Eco Label and matching USA EPA VGP Regulation.

    • Completely satisfying USA EPA VGP Regulation:
      Only Environmentally Friendly Rudder Bearing Grease globally (NLGI 0 level)
    • Preventing Grease Deformation caused by seawater & freshwater
    • Anti Abrasion, extending bearing’s life time (20% longer than competitors)
    • Excellence in extreme pressure, having function of shock prevention
    • Seal compatibility with most products such NBR, Fluroelastomers, etc…


Tectyl G OS 550 ECO is completely qualified for the regulations of USA EPA VGP. It can be used for the applications on any machineries and parts which require environmental friendly product. The following is the examples of applications;

*Rudder Bearing *Wire ropes / winches *General greasing points

Available Package

15KG (33LB) PAIL

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